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Hi, We're B & M Career Institute. We bring quality, enhancement, confidence, and professionalism to career training for all in the health-care profession.

No rushing, learn at your own pace

Take your time learning the new material because if you just rush ahead you might not retain the information needed, here at B & M Career Institute, we focus on making sure you learn that information necessary to succeed.

Learn what you need to succeed

We provide great habits that will help you succeed and regular participation that is the foundation of our curriculum. B & M Career Institute has built some essential principles and practices to ensure your learning experience. Also, students taking classes will have a big responsibility for their success.

Get the tools to get you ahead

Always providing the necessary materials, equipment, environment, time, support and the acceptance that you will achieve your goals. We are going to provide you with the tools that can get you there, all we need from you is your dedication and devotion to get you to the finish line.


Instructor interaction

We make sure you get the most optimal teacher experience anywhere else, here at B & M Career Institute our teachers focus on you.

B & M Career Institute instructor interaction

Personalize support

The support you get will not be the same as the person after or before you because we believe everyone is different and that every person deserves that respect.

B & M Career Institute personalize support

Track your progress

As a student you'll get the ability to track your progress in and out of the classroom, so you don’t have to worry.

B & & Career Institute track your progress

Got Questions?

Ever have a question, and you are not around to ask it now our website has a link so that you can ask your question.

B & M Career Institute got questions

Wait, there’s more!

Need to renew your license?

The license to practice medicine in Texas require you to be up to date every few years, but it varies from certification to certifications, we provide a painless process for you license renewal, with our very own testing center.

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